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Key Features

Project Duplication
RxPave allows users to partition a paving project into multiple segments to reflect substantially different conditions / distresses present among segments. To reduce data re-entry, RxPave allow users to duplicate and further modify a project.
Segment/Project Comparison
RxPave can compare the results for multiple segments or projects. Users can select 2 or more segments to compare them, showing only the key results of each in a tabular format.
Detailed Reporting
RxPave updates its recommendations as users enter or adjust their inputs. In cases where users are unable to answer questions, RxPave indicates how a future response would otherwise affect the recommendation.
On-Demand Training and In-App Guidance

Extended Tooltips: Tooltips provide real-time training (i.e. just-in-time or on-the-fly learning) through informative tooltips for each input and section.

Background / Guidance: Learning resources include a detailed descriptions of RxPave's method, domain knowledge, and links to primary and secondary research. Resources are intended to provide enough details to reproduce results manually.

Logic Checks and Warnings: RxPave includes additional warnings or consideration triggered by user inputs. Reported in real time and in the report section, these are intended to prevent bogus inputs, questionable data, and check for logical consistency.


RxPave aims to help TIB and small cities select and prioritize pavement rehabilitation strategies for low-volume roads where expertise or knowledge resources are limited. RxPave provides consultants and engineers with a structured framework to facilitate rehabilitation decisions, and just-in-time domain knowledge where needed. RxPave determines whether any of four paving rehabilitation options are viable using a decision tree established in research for each treatment.

Intended Users

RxPave is originally intended for pavement consultants and engineers to support their applications for roadway preservation funding under Washington TIB’s SCPP program for low-volume roadways. RxPave is not specifically an SCPP application tool, but a scoping tool that can facilitate TIB’s application process. As rehabilitation recommendations are not based on location-specific information, RxPave can be applied to project locations outside of Washington.